How To Set-Up IPTV on Amazon Fire Stick Or Amazon Fire TV?

How To Set-Up IPTV on Amazon Fire Stick Or Amazon Fire TV?

Follow this step-by-step process to install IPTV service on Amazon Fire Stick or Amazon Fire TV.

On your Amazon device click “Settings” → “Device” → “Developer options”   “Apps from unknown sources” “Turn on”

1.Go to Amazon app store, find downloader and install it

2. Start downloader and enter (type) this URL below in blue and click “download” →

(allow update if asked)

3. Now go to “Applications” “Manage installed applications” and find STB emu (pro) and click “Launch application”

STB emulator should have now been downloaded!

Then please follow the steps below:

  1. Click the “Menu” button on the remote, go to “Settings” then “Profiles”.
  2. Tap on “New profile”, then “Profile name”.
  3. Enter any name then click “Ok” ( if you are using Express enter “express” if Crown enter “crown” ).
  4. Next, go to “Portal settings→ “Portal URL” enter portal URL provided by your IPTV provider, sent to your email upon ordering check spam as well.
  5. Next, go to “STB configuration”, select “STB model” then choose “MAG box version” → “MAG 254”.
  6. Select “Screen resolution”, set the screen resolution to “Auto” unless you are sure about your TV’s resolution.
  7. Next, select “MAC address”.
  8. Set the MAC address provided by you or your IPTV provider, it should start from 00:1a:79:xx:xx:xx.
  9. Once done click “Ok” then exit.
  10. Find and launch “STB emulator”, it may take a few seconds to load.
  11. Select the profile name we created from the main menu of STB emulator, then start streaming.
  12. Entering “Portal URL” and “MAC address” are two crucial steps. Make sure those are entered correctly as any mistake will cause the service to not load.

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