How To Set-Up IPTV Stalker on Kodi?

How To Set-Up IPTV Stalker on Kodi?

  1. Go to “Settings & Add-Ons”.
  2. Click on “My Add-Ons”.
  3. Then, click “PVR Clients”.
  4. Tap “Stalker Client” then “Configure”.
  5. On Portal 1, enter the “MAC Address” and “Server Address” that was sent by your IPTV provider, then click “Ok”.
  6. Click “Enable”.
  7. Go back to the “Main settings” and click on “TV”.
  8. From the “TV settings” select “Enabled”.
  9. It’s important to make sure to reboot your device to avoid authentication errors.
  10. After reboot, TV section will appear then click on “TV” and enjoy your IPTV subscription.



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