How to setup IPTV on Smart TV (With SIPTV APP)

How to setup IPTV on Smart TV (With SIPTV APP) for M3U Line Supported IPTV Servers

Supported servers are Cloud, OK2, and Nitro. SIPTV supports M3U type URL only.

  1. Download “Smart IPTV” app from the Google play store or LG store to your Android Smart TV. Or you can download it directly from here and install from the USB pen drive.
  2. Open the “Smart IPTV” app on your TV.
  3. Remember to activate your “Smart IPTV” app before the trial expired, active it here
  4. Find your playlist URL from your email inbox and submit it here in “URL:” put your “Smart IPTV” MAC address.
  5. After uploading successfully, restart the “Smart IPTV” app in order to make the changes we just made.

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